Access conditions to the territory 

  • Valid passport at least until the end of your sojourn.

Access condition to the Moroccan territory for froreign nationality who are submitted to the Visa formalities 

  • In accordance with dispositions of the aforementioned law the traveling  documents of foreign nationalities who are submitted to the visa formalities   must be accompanied by the visas required for access to Morocco, issued by the authorities  
  • Visas are issued to foreigners who must fulfill this formality, after payment of the required fees on presentation of the following documents 
Service Adult
– Visa applicationInformation sheet for visa application duly completedIdentity and residence cards – Passport in process of validation – 3 passport photos 

Following to COVID-19 

Optionally, you can choose one of the options for the entry to the territory.  

Vaccination passeport 

PCR test on entry and exit of the country. The test back from Morocco must be taken in the country for (around 50€)

No reimbursement  will be committed before the vaccine or PCR test are made .

If the test is positive. the trip will be reimbursed only if a proof is present with cancellation insurance 45€.


For our different trips, the price does not include the flight, but we want to help you as much as possible for your convenience:

For the European countries, we suggest you the website, Transavia 

It is a low-cost company, therefore not expensive, a company which serves all the European capitals until Morocco

For international countries, we suggest the website, Opodo,

It is a low-cost company thus not expensive, a company which serves the American and Asian continent to Morocco