« Maroc n’You », below, attaches great importance to protect and respect for privacy.

Through that, we want to communicate to you clear and precise informations about our own data collection and processing that you’re required to provide us through the Maroc n’You website (named below the “Site”)

Art. 1 – Confidentiality rules

General regulations about data protection (27th of April 2016) (below, the RGPD) began from the 25th of May 2018; It imposes rules and strict conditions for companies and merchants, in the context of own customers data processing and prospect in order to protect their privacy.

Art. 2 – The treatment manager

The “treatment manager” of your personal data processing in Maroc n’You, manager of the website Maroc n’You , that you consult and to which you communicate.

Art. 3 – Legal basis for data processing

We can’t use your own private data processing only for both legitimate and necessary purposes (art. 6 / RGPD). This means concretely that we treat your personal data processing, whether or not in electronic form, to obtain legitimate purposes within the framework of the contract relationship, business, and security. In particular, but only,  these purposes are these following =

  • Treat and fulfill your orders and contracts
  • Manage your account and the commercial relationship.
  • Communicate to your commercial, promotional, advertising information or about how to use our services.
  • Communications for executing a contract arrangement.
  • Improvement of the design, overall functionality of the site.
  • Analyze data for statistical purposes


Art. 4 – What is a personal data

The personal data includes all the information about you and from which you can be identified (below named “the data”). Anonymous data that doesn’t identify you, therefore, are not considered as personal data. So, your personal data, may includes

  • Data relating to your identity (family name, firstname, address, TVA number, Company number, a.s.o
  • Personal status data (phone number, own email address)
  • Financial and transaction data (means of payment, bank account, billing details)
  • Data relating to the execution of the execution of the contract concluded with us (contract object, billing address, professional data)
  • Data relating to the use of electronic equipment, like computers (password, log data, electronic identification, billing details)


Sensitive data

The processing of personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, and processing of genetic data, biometric data, in order to identify a physical person, in one way, data about sexual life or orientation, are forbidden.

We undertake to strictly respect this prohibition<;


Art. 5 – Original powers of personal data

In theory, the data we have is given by you when you fill a form.

If you don’t agree to give us the obligatory or necessary information, you can lose the benefit of some advantages and /or we can decide to stop our services for your benefit, or we will be unable to perform the contract.


Art. 6 –  Access to the personal data. With whom do we share your information ?

In accordance with the regulations, the data can be sent to the competent authorities on request, in particular to public organizations, exclusively to meet legal obligations, auxiliaries of justice, ministerial officers, and debt recovery organizations, as well as in the case for searching offenders committed on the internet.

Your data are essentially for internal use. We can give your data to third-party companies which can use it, for legitimate motives, in particular for a proper execution of the contract.

When we call on service providers and subcontractors for the fulfillment of the order or services provided by us (technical benefits, payment services, secured services, deliveries, sending of commercial prospecting).

We only send them the data they need to perform their services.

However, we will ensure compliance with the RGPD regulations by subcontractors.

The processing of data by them is governed by a strict legal framework.


Art. 7 – Data retention period

We implement the necessary means to ensure that the conservation of personal data for the purposes described above, doesn’t exceed the legal periods.


Art. 8 – What are your rights ?

We undertake to take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of the processing of personal data of each one (art.32/RGPD).

In accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal data,  you have some rights relating to your personal data, namely =


Access right (art.15/RGPD) and information

  • You have the right to be informed in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible manner including your data processed. You’ve also the right to obtain confirmation that data concerning your own personal data, and the right to obtain or make a copy of it, as far as is reasonable.
  • Rectification right (art.16 / RGPD)

You’ve the right to rectify wrong data about you. You’ve also the right to complete incomplete data.

  • Right to be forgotten (or right to erasure) (art.17 /RGPD) and right of restriction of processing (art.18 /RGPD)

We’re committed to grant the erasure of your personal data, especially in the following cases =

+  Data no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected nor processed

+  You oppose the processing

+  Personal data have been the subject of unlawful processing

+  Right of portability (art.20 /RGPD)

You’ve the right to receive your data in a structured format, commonly used and machine readable, for your own use or for transmitting to a third party of your choice.

                      +  Right to withdraw consent at any time (art.7 /RGPD).

You can withdraw your data treatment consent when this treatment is based on your consent. This withdrawal consent doesn’t compromise the lawfulness of processing based on the consent which is made before this withdrawal.

+  Right to introduce a claim (art. 77 / RGPD)

The customer has the right to lodge a complaint with the Committee ‘Private Life” if the considers that the processing of his personal data constitutes a RGPD violation.

To exercise your rights, you can contract us via mail


Art. 9 – Our engagement

Our objective is to implement security techniques to protect stored data against unauthorized access, improper uses, alterations, illegal or accidental destruction, accidental loss.


Art. 10 – Procedure in case of violation

It’s always possible that the processes processed within the framework of the contractual personal relationship data fall into the wrong people after human error, computer error, a.s.o.

When the violation presents a high risk to human and freedoms rights, we’ll inform them immediately of the facts and measures.

The necessary will be done as to the violation notification to the Commission “Private Life “ within 72 hours after learning about it, unless the violation doesn’t present high risk to human and freedoms rights (art.32-34 / RGPD).


Art. 11 – Consent

You express, informed and unambiguous consent for the processing of personal data, as described in this Privacy Notice. You can withdraw your consent anytime, with a simple written request. We reserve the right to modify the Privacy Notice present.


Art. 12 – Modification of our Privacy Policy

Occasionally, we may need to modify the Privacy Policy present, especially, in order to comply with all regulatory, editorial or technical developments.