Because your holidays have to meet your expectations, we organize our themed trips in order to realize your wishes and your dreams. 

Our agency is specialized, since many years, on different themes with a diversity of partners from all over the world. You can be amateur, semi-professional or professional on different themes that we offer, we provide our knowledge and the mastery of different hotels, riads, guest houses and flats on the Moroccan territory.

Our exceptional trip can be realized only with some diversity, to beautify your stay. 

« The people diversity and places make the world rich  » 

It’s very important for us to give a special attention to the quality of our accomodations, the bonds of trust with a lot of partners since many years on the Moroccan Kingdom but also  with a lot of international partners concerning all the themes we are working on. 

The challenge is to make a success of this week’s stay while respecting all of your wishes :

  • Partnership with international guests  
  • Dance lessons or fitness organization
  •  MasterClass, thematic evenings and dancing evenings organization
  • Various and numerous excursions
  • Cultural meetings and sharing
  • Sun,  kindness and respect


The Zumba ® trademarks are important elements belonging to the Zumba ®Society  Fitness. Its use have to be the object of the greatest attention.

The word  Zumba with a  ® doesn’t mean anything ; it was entirely invented, and the systematic use of the adequate symbol  ® must be indicated on all printed materials and advertisements. 

The establishment, now since some years of the  MasterClass Zumba ® allows you to let off steam, to enjoy, but also to share ! and during these  Masterclass, mostly dance Zumba ®  A lot of Zins™who come from the whole world, get you a real and large sharing moment during 2 hours non stop !