A guarantee of security for our customers by opening a special account

The current situation and the lack of control over the future have led our team to dedicate all its efforts and anticipate all possible solutions in case we are obliged to cancel the sojourn.

Therefore we established a  partnership protocol with attijariwafa bank which will be implemented from 01/04/2021.

Based on this agreement we can guarantee that your payment will be kept safely and that you will be FULLY AND IMMEDIATELY REFUNDED upon any notification of cancellation!

About us

Established in Morocco for many years to organize trips for groups in  different themes (Zumba, Line Dance, Country, Fitness, Piloxing, Well-Being, Accordion, Golf, Combo Fit, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Ballroom Dance, Hip-Hop , and many others…) 

We collaborate with many local partners, hotels, Riad, guesthouses, various excursions organizers  to different cities, mainly Marrakech, Agadir, Taroudant, Dakhla.

Thanks to them and the wild experience of Michelle and Alain, we can easily gather  15 to 20 partners on each theme (teachers with influential networks) who ensure the success of groups made up of more or less than 150 people.

In other words, the bet we have taken for many years is being realized, now we can introduce this wonderful country to all our partners.

Team members

Alain Coudeyre


His career as a professional dancer enabled him to travel around the world.

Thanks to his diploma as an international judge obtained a long time ago, Alain Coudeyre has been able to build a substantial network in the world of hosts and influencers. 

All that remained to enhance his cursus was to work on the travel / dance / discovery / pleasure / leisure and respect for cultures.

Michelle Bouvier

Executive Secretary

Michelle Bouvier has been working in Morocco for more than 15 years and has a good knowledge of Moroccan culture thereby she is able to  gather different nationalities within our groups.

We can consider that Michelle masters international tourism on Moroccan territory Therefore she is qualified to manage different Riads and guesthouses with a maximum guarantee of quality.

Alyssa Orsonneau

Executive Secretary

She recently acquired a tourism diploma and she has an immense curiosity for traveling and discovering new cultures which was fulfilled after her trip to Asia for several months. Her dedication and knowledge made her the perfect choice for such a position of responsibility.

Safae Laabid

Graphic designer

Her many years of studies of graphic designs and her artistic sense have allowed her to work with well-known firms such as (Decathlon, Hermès, etc.). 

The combination of her knowledge of digital tools and her permanent insistence to improve her creativities  allow her to excel in her art.

Caroline Mollé

Graphic designer

Our multi-skilled member, she can create great graphics, as well as shows and produce amazing podiums.

Nada Tounesi

Customer relationship

Surely the most atypical person for this position thanks to her long experience of tourism in Marrakech for more than 8 years in a well-known and recognized tourist company in Marrakech (TIME TOURS TRANSPORT). She brings complete confidence to our customers because of her perfect command  of many foreign languages ​​such as (Arabic, English, French and Turkish)

Nisrine Ait Lmati

Networks developer

Thanks to Nisrine we have the chance to see our social networks enriched with future partners and a consecutive search for new relevant partnerships through our social networks. She is fluent in Spanish, Arabic, French and English.

Mehdi O.L.A

Web Developer

Passionate about digital and new technologies, he ensures the proper functioning of our website.